MPD Crime Scene Investigation


The Crime Scene Investigators are responsible for the collection, preservation, packaging, transportation, and documentation of physical evidence left at the crime scene.  Evidence collected may include:

  • Impressions include fingerprints, tool marks, footwear, fabric impressions, tire marks and bite marks.
  • Forensic Biology includes blood, semen, body fluids, hair, nail scrapings, blood stain patterns.
  • Trace Evidence includes gun shot residues, arson accelerant, paint, glass and fibers.
  • Firearms includes weapons, gun powder patterns, casings, projectiles, fragments, pellets, wadding and cartridges.
  • Question Documents

The Milford Police Department has three active Crime Scene Investigators who are on call 24hrs a day.

In the event of a homicide or other serious crime, the Milford Police Department is assisted by the Crime Scene Investigators of the Oakland County Sheriff Department and the Michigan State Police.