MPD Accident Investigation


In the event of a traffic crash which causes death or other serious injury, the scene is turned over to the Accident Investigators.  An accident investigation usually starts with an inspection of the accident site. At the accident site, measurements are taken of evidence left by the vehicles such as point of impact, final resting positions, skid marks, scrub marks, and gouge marks. With these measurements a scale diagram can be produced and may be used to reconstruct the accident.

The Accident Investigator may have the mechanical components of the vehicle inspected such as brakes, steering, tires, suspension, lights, etc. to determine if the condition of these components was a causative factor in the accident.  The Accident Investigator may also measure the amount of damage to the vehicles.

The collected evidence can be turned over to an Accident Reconstructionists to provide analysis on speeds, what occurred during the accident, and if the accident could have been avoided.

The Milford Police Department has two active Accident Investigators who are on call 24hrs a day.