MPD Reserves


The Milford Police Reserve Unit, established in 1950, is one of the oldest auxiliary police units in the State of Michigan. The unit currently employs nine reserve officers who augment the effectiveness and capabilities of the police department. The primary function of the reserve officer is to work as a second officer in the patrol car,  primarily on weekend evenings, providing instant back-up for the regular officers when it is most needed. Another major function of the unit is to provide assistance with traffic and crowd control during parades and special events such as the sidewalk sales and the Milford Memories Summer Festival. The reserve force also provides the department with extra manpower resources that can be deployed quickly for critical incidents and other situations that require more officers than would otherwise be available.

Through the years, the reserve officers have proven to be a valuable asset to the Department. Their services have been used for securing crime scenes, searching for missing or wanted persons, traffic control at accident scenes and providing for security of buildings and property.

All applicants for the reserve unit must meet the same requirements as the sworn officers, such as a thorough screening and background investigation, physical examinations and psychological examinations. Applicants must also attend and successfully complete a 100 hour Reserve Police Academy conducted at Schoolcraft College. Reserve officers continue to receive training in law enforcement and related curriculum each month and are required to meet the same proficiency standards as the sworn officers in the use of lethal and non-lethal force.