MPD Patrol Division


The Patrol Division, with a staff of fifteen full-time police officers supplemented by nine reserve officers, comprises over 94% of the police department's authorized strength. It is the major field force of the Department and serves as the Village and Township's most visible symbol of safety and protection. Officers assigned to the Patrol Division are charged with first response duty to all calls for service. The Division also handles preliminary and follow-up investigations as well as self-initiated enforcement activities.

Incidents handled by patrol officers range from responding to simple requests for assistance from citizens to the investigation of the most serious felony crimes. Patrol officers actively seek out and give special attention to subdivisions and business areas where crimes occur most frequently. Officers assigned to the patrol division are also responsible for performing selective traffic enforcement in high accident areas.

In order to provide the community with the high quality services that are expected of us, our officers participate in ongoing training at Department in-service training sessions and at outside law enforcement training institutions. Many of our officers also attend courses at local universities and colleges.