MPD Investigations


The Milford Police Department's Investigations Bureau is staffed by one Lieutenant who also oversees the operations of the records bureau, and two full-time detectives. Other officers may be assigned to temporary duty within the Investigations Bureau from time to time to provide assistance as needed.

The Investigations Bureau reviews all police reports and is responsible for the management of our criminal complaints. If a complaint requires prosecution the reports can be sent to the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office electronically through a state-of-the-art teleconferencing system. This enables investigators to work on other cases while the report is being reviewed for a possible complaint and warrant. Before the teleconferencing system was installed an officer would have to drive to the prosecutor's office and appear in person to obtain a warrant. The former process usually took about four hours to complete.

After a criminal warrant is obtained, the investigator is responsible for prisoner arraignments and any subsequent court proceedings. The investigators are also the liaisons between other police agencies in addition to the prosecutor's office, courts and victims.

Officers assigned to the Investigations Bureau also participate in two multi-agency task forces within the area. Milford investigators are assigned to the Lakes Area Narcotic Enforcement Team (LANET) and the Western Oakland Major Crimes Team. These units provide additional personnel and resources to communities in Western Oakland County whenever necessary. The Milford Police Department has employed the task force on major investigations in on several occasions in the past. The task force provided the department with up to twenty additional investigators, working around-the-clock if necessary. Members of the task force meet regularly to review criminal activity within our area and exchange information regarding current investigations.