MPD Bike Patrol


Increasing numbers of law enforcement agencies in the United States are recognizing the many benefits of bicycle patrols. Successful arrest rates, stealth of patrol and low maintenance costs are soliciting enthusiastic responses from many police departments as well as the public.

Benefits of bike patrols include:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Ability to patrol areas unreachable by patrol cars 
  • Officers on bikes are viewed as more approachable than officers in patrol cars
  • Unique and effective public relations tool

The Milford Police Department bicycle patrol program was established in the summer of 1997 in an effort to provide proactive, highly-visible police service to the community and to further the community policing philosophy. Along with festival and park patrols, our bikes are used to patrol business districts and residential areas in both the Village and Township of Milford.

Currently, five officers participate in the bike patrol program. Each officer who participates in the program must complete 24 hours of initial bike patrol training before being allowed to patrol on bicycle. Initial training covers topics such as:

  • Basic bike handling

  • Emergency maneuvers

  • Riding in traffic

  • Off-road/rough terrain tactics 

  • Agility

  • Equipment maintenance/minor repairs